Best Sprinkler For A Narrow Strip

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A lawn is a significant investment; getting the best sprinkler for a narrow Strip makes absolute sense if you happen to have a narrow lawn. With the right sprinkler installed, maintaining your lawn is much simpler with the proper sprinkler installed. A poorly maintained lawn has the potential to bring down the value of your home. In contrast, a well-tended one can raise property value. 

Remember the saying about “a little neglect” equaling “a lot of grief?” It applies, especially to landscaping! So make sure you have reliable people in your team who are willing to step in when you’re too busy otherwise, right? Using lawn sprinklers is one of the best ways to take care of your yard work. 

They can whittle away at half the work you’d otherwise have done if you had to water them by hand. When watering isn’t on your schedule, either because you’ve hired someone else to do it for you or because you’re too busy doing something else (or even on vacation!), don’t yank out your lawn watering equipment quite yet. 

That’s because these devices only work well for grassy areas like those with rectangular or square cutouts, as they spray water in all directions, which isn’t ideal if some parts need more wetting than others.

One of the most underrated features of sprinklers is their ability to reach those hard-to-get spots. A more hidden feature, though, more often neglected relates specifically to how some sprinklers can be angled upwards or downwards as needed. One example is a more traditional lawn sprinkler which is useful for watering large numbers of people at once no matter how narrow the space may be. 

However, the problem with this type of standard lawn sprinklers is that they can’t reach all corners and space between your neighbor’s fence and the main lawn a problem is that a smaller, more specific sprinkler happens to fit just perfectly! 

In short, using a regular sprinkler on narrow grassy strips will cause plenty of muddy mud puddles where you have to prepare for an extensive post-watering cleanup every time. Trying to get your lawn’s appearance to look nice after watering via a sprinkler that expands into a wide circle is going to be a recurring chore. You’ll find yourself going back to the same detailed work you used to do before installing this sprinkler.

Best Sprinkler For A Narrow Strip

1. Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler

One of the best 500 Series Rotor Sprinklers, the Rain Bird 500-RTS, comes with a new and innovative self-cleaning adjustment cap that doesn’t allow grass or dirt to stick inside it after you’ve screwed your sprinkler into place. The Rain Bird 5000 series is important because it prevents additional wear and tear of the parts inside of the nut over time. 

Best Sprinkler For A Narrow Strip - Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler

These adjustments also include wiper seals which protect our sprinklers from hard water – usually found in lawn irrigation systems. This adjustable piece of equipment features advanced O-rings, so they don’t dry out or degrade easily with use, which contributes to their longevity.

The Rain Bird 5000 Series Sprinkler is an excellent option for commercial and residential use. If you want a sprinkler system to cover a long but narrow strip of grass, this Rain Bird Rotor Sprinkler is ideal. Rain Bird 5000 pop-ups have adjustable 25-50 foot water jets that can cover up to 100 feet in length!

In addition to the adjustable sprinklers, it is essential to realize that this professional lawn sprinkler system comes with a nifty arc adjuster. The Rain Bird 5000 sprinkler will allow you to change the rotation of your stream or even switch it to a different area or a new sector if necessary. 

This adjustment device is self-adjusting and easy to use as well. The Best part is, it can be operated with a very simple flat-blade screwdriver, so you’ll have no difficulty at all adjusting the range from 40 degrees through 60 degrees for relatively narrow spaces – ideal for long, thin lawns.

These sprinklers ensure that your lawn watering won’t be affected by wind resistance. Some sprinklers spray large droplets of water which helps prevent them from getting converted into an impure mist caused by evaporation. In short, these sprinklers help you to save time and money as you don’t have to water your lawn so many times a day.

2. Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler

Rain Bird makes quality products, and we’ve been using them for several years now to water our gardens and lawns. Though they typically cater to all sorts of gardening and landscaping needs, we received many requests from users who had odd, long, and narrow spaces that needed watering. 

The company has recently released a 1804VAN Professional Sprinkler that works well on these unique plots to please our varied audience. This new sprinkler adjusts between 0 to 360 degrees (and even measures out each rotation through its onboard LCD control panel), allowing you to get your vacation spot or stately mansion thoroughly watered with minimal effort needed!

Best Sprinkler For A Narrow Strip Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler

This feature is handy when you need a far-reaching spread of water for a relatively flat area. Moving the sprinkler head to between 0 and 60 degrees will give you the coverage you need to water your whole yard. This feature also makes it a perfect choice for small urban lawns where space is at a premium!

Rain Bird’s Professional-series VLM sprinkler has a specially designed nozzle with an arc and deflector shield. These features ensure that lawns remain green and healthy without the need for anyone to perform constant maintenance, especially since this series of sprinklers is expected to last approximately nine years. 

Other notable features of the Orbit 57950 Center-Post Rotary Sprinkler include a co-molded sealing ring made from hard and soft polymers. This innovative design, which is pressure-activated, prevents water leaks and premature wear by efficiently dispersing surface tension as water comes into contact with the sprinkler.

3. Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler

The Orbit 54071 sprinkler is a good choice for tackling small-to-medium-sized lawns. It covers an area of up to 24,000 square feet per hour easily without causing excessive overspray. The handheld meter-readout control makes it easy to find the perfect watering pace every time.

This ORBIT sprinkler is made with brass. We know what you’re thinking: how can a sprinkler body made of solid brass resist oxidation over time? Using quality materials and robust manufacturing processes, we ensure that our products stand the test of time and keep performing as they did on day one. 

Best Sprinkler For A Narrow Strip Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler

Even after years of heavy use, you probably won’t detect a trace of oxidation on the metal parts that contact water or garden soil. Another thing that sets this sprinkler apart from its competitors is its features an easily adjustable nozzle head (you can adjust the water flow from 0 to 360 degrees) for broad coverage and easy customization.

4. Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler

Every sprinkler we’ve seen from Orbit is one of the best impact sprinklers you can buy at this price level. The material used for this product (stainless steel) makes it even more unique because it won’t rust, unlike most other impact sprinklers available. For instance, the nozzle on this product is made to last; it comes with a laser-cut diffuser pin that adjusts water distance up to 45 ft. The Orbit 55025 sprinkler ensures you get the exact amount of splash (no overlay).

Best Sprinkler For A Narrow Strip Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler

This feature is handy when you are on the sideline of the grass and need to adjust the length at which your water sprinkler’s head extends. If you have an attachment for this, it’ll keep you from getting drenched while you turn on this water nozzle. 

Also worth noting is that if you water a full yard of tress or dirt, the 60-degree setting will drench them all evenly. For example, suppose it’s only covering half of your yard like the front, or back lawns do each day (for example). In that case, you can narrow down this water nozzle’s direction approximately 20-degrees if needed. 

5. Orbit 54100 Sprinkler System

Orbit 54100 (20-Feet) is another quality sprinkler system perfect for landscaping over long, narrow lawns. Furthermore, this particular sprinkler works quite well with turfs and shrubs. Just like the rest of the sprinklers we’ve discussed here, this one has a simple construction made out of construction-grade polymer to ensure it lasts for years with minimal destruction.

The other noticeable improvement in this sprinkler system is its 6-inch tall nozzle pop-up. The Orbit 54100 sprinkler makes sure that the sprinkling covers the lawn through the intended distance, not leaving any area untouched. While there are many sprinklers for long, narrow lawns with a 2 to 4-inch rise, this Orbit sprinkler has a 6-inch nozzle pop-up.

Best Sprinkler For A Narrow Strip Orbit 54100 Sprinkler System

Pop-up sprinklers are geared towards homeowners who would like vegetable patches or decorative foliage planted in front of their property to draw the eye. However, they can also come in handy for filling an area long and narrow like the one in your garden. 

While some ornamental vegetation may need to be watered regularly (like ferns) that don’t grow too tall, others may not get anywhere near 54100 Sprinkler System’s maximum coverage of 15 feet. 

However, suppose you’re someone who wants different types of succulent vegetables growing throughout your lawn. In that case, this is something you should consider purchasing because it is precisely made for an area of this size. As Orbit’s top model, it has many capabilities that you will only notice when using it yourself!